СhangeMaker. Make change. Not plans.

ChangeMaker. Program platform. Empower teams to unlock value.

What we do

Combining a proven platform and expert services, we boost speed and target achievement across all types of transformation and change programs.

ChangeMaker. One tool for all.

Problem solution

What issues we solve

Transformation is more important than ever before. Yet around 75% of programs fall short of their targets. Why? Because the hard challenge of transformation meets stakeholders not empowered to fulfill their roles:

Senior management

  • Lack of transparency
  • Information overload
  • Unmanaged complexity

Visual management. At its best

Our patented PerformanceMap.
Understand status at one glance.
Zoom to issues in three clicks.

Program office

  • Poor information quality
  • Scarce time for content
  • Inefficient reporting

Reports. Tailored & automatic

Our FocusReports.
Get consolidated info automatically. Tailored to all meetings and roles.

Project leaders & members

  • Insufficient know-how
  • Misdirected motivation
  • Organizational barriers


Our WorkBench.
Safely guide all your project teams.
Even through advanced project formats.

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Shareholder return exceeds license cost by a factor of 150+. ChangeMaker boosts participation rate in transformation programs, which is directly related to 24- month excess TRS.

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Initiatives driven

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Transformations supported

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Impact under management

ChangeMaker. Make change. Not plans.


How it works

Yes, of course. ChangeMaker has tasks, milestones, phases, Gantt & Kanban. It also has metrics, KPIs, tables & charts. And descriptions, tags, chats & notifications.

The ChangeMaker difference is how these features are integrated into workflows, dashboards, reports & team rooms targeted to each stakeholder group.

Your ambition-to-impact journey: digitized.

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The neuroscience of change

How it really works

ChangeMaker boosts speed and impact of transformation programs by optimally addressing the human mind. To achieve this goal, we use scientific insight from neuroscience, psychology, anthropology etc. as design principles for software features. Some examples:

How it really works

Positive competition

Comparability (via maturity levels etc.) & transparency of status stimulate competition

Implementation focus

Method of iterative detailing fosters implementation focus at all levels of the project

Goal clarity

Defined activitites & outcomes focus all project members on actionable goals

Need for relatedness

The GUI creates togetherness and fights silos by visualizing different group horizons

Causal learning

Connected display of activity & impact (KPIs) fosters entrepreneurial learning.

Need for impact

The PerformanceMap motivates by visualizing one’s impact on the big picture

Sense of autonomy

Iterative detailing leaves degrees of freedom for every level of project hierarchy

Synchronized memory

Management-adequate history preserves original intention & enables owner-sponsor-synchrony

How we support you


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“Go” stage

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We jointly tailor ChangeMaker to your project needs. This may involve KPIs, calculations and charts

1-2 days


We offer individual training formats, e.g., for basic users, management, or PMO & project leaders

Continuous support

Your Personal Assist supports you with tips and tricks, best practices, customizing and PMO support throughout

What customers think

Member of the Executive Board

Pharma company

ChangeMaker isn’t just a product – it’s a real solution for enterprise projects

SVP Corporate Projects

Global tech company

Full transparency of all relevant information at a glance – what more could you wish for?

Dir. Business Excellence

Materials engineering company

Bullshit in, bullshit out – not an issue for ChangeMaker because our employees really like it and use it

Chief Financial Officer

Equipment manufacturer

Not just old wine in new bottles, but an innovative user interface with unique information value

Head of Strategy

Medical device manufacturer

Your service attitude is perfect and our designated consultant has extensive experience with tools and best practices

Cief Operations Officer

Private equity group

I didn’t think neuroscience could make a business impact

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