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Our mission

Principia Mentis.
Aligning brain and business.

The brain is a miraculous piece of technology, but notoriously bad at handling complexity and change. Yet for businesses of any size, the ability to master complexity and change is one of the most important factors for long-term success.

At Principia Mentis, we believe that good software should not limit, but enhance the capabilities of the mind. That is why in 2012, we set out to use insights from neuroscience to design and build software that allows companies to not only manage, but master complexity and change.

Our mission
Our mission

Today, our web-based platform ChangeMaker is used by medium-sized and global corporations as well as leading consulting firms to run successful change programs, e.g. aiming to increase profitability, implement new strategies, or optimize production processes.

By complementing our SaaS application with a wide range of support and consulting services, we can proudly say that we help our customers shape the future of their businesses by enabling them to master change and reach their targets.


Our History



Co-founder Dr. Alexander Ploghaus discovers that the human brain operates similarly to AI reinforcement learning. Research positions at Oxford and Harvard University, publications in Science & other high impact journals, global media coverage


Management consulting

70% of change projects fail to reach their targets. Alexander examines the underlying causes and develops solutions while being in the leadership of McKinsey’s European automotive and organization sectors


Founders' paths cross

Co-founders Sebastian Schwaiger and Mario Roser live in the same student dorm, while Alexander supervises Mario’s B.A. thesis on Mergers and Acquisions. Sebastian is an IBM scholar studying computer science while Mario is on a Germany National Scholarship studying industrial engineering


Principia Mentis founded

Alexander, Sebastian and Mario formally found the firm. The name Principia Mentis, evocative of Newton’s main work, reveals their approach: Turning the design principles of the human mind (Latin: principia mentis) into software design principles


Full stack and service power

Mario Kesseler, Daniel von Bechen and Felipe Pahlke join the company. Mario, an industrial engineer with a special interest in business model innovation, builds up our consulting activities and international design patent protection. Daniel, software developer and globetrotter, takes the lead in building the ChangeMaker frontend. Felipe, mathematician and hobby japanologist, designs StrategyScan as well as the ChangeMaker KPI functions


First movers: Tech "Mittelstand"

Our customer #1: Hoppecke Industry Batteries – true entrepreneurs, as not only this bold decision shows. Later that year, ZEISS starts using ChangeMaker for productivity programs, and a national government commits all its policy initiatives to ChangeMaker. This helps to raise awareness for our product


Consulting partnerships

Management consultancies start using ChangeMaker with their clients to boost collaboration and ensure post-engagement success. Since then, a growing number of consultancies has replaced the usual tool zoo with ChangeMaker to increase impact and efficiency of their projects


Deep expertise

Dr. Florian Finck, philosopher and mathematician with long-standing experience in strategy consulting, boosts the expertise of Principia Mentis in the fields of business transformation and many other consulting formats


Principa Mentis goes Corporate

Bayer/Covestro, Deutsche Bahn, Infineon, Philips and other European multinationals decide to use ChangeMaker for their high impact corporate projects


Principia Mentis goes Global

Top-tier global consulting partners start their worldwide deployment of ChangeMaker for their projects. We expand our infrastructure to provide fast service to clients in all geographies


Team and office expansion

Principia Mentis expands its office space in Munich, thanks to new colleagues strengthening our team. Darren Crossley takes the lead in designing the GUI of our next-generation ChangeMaker, and Mats Weinand drives our activities to build media around ChangeMaker to complete the user experience


ChangeMaker PHOENIX

Based on 7 years of ChangeMaker market experience, consulting methods and scientific findings, we begin to develop designated templates per management project type. The first template, for initiative programs, is being rolled out with the ChangeMaker PHOENIX edition


Defining the next horizon

We embark on the biggest project since foundation: ChangeMaker FIVE. A completely new tech stack optimized for scalability, security and performance. Enabling us to develop powerful functionality fast and agile. Meanwhile, ChangeMaker programs around supply chain risk management are becoming our stable companion in COVID times


ChangeMaker FIVE on speed

Simple, intuitive use is key – we nearly triple our ChangeMaker FIVE design and development capacity to digest all the useful input coming from pilot customers and consulting partners. Andreas Bergmaier, leading our backend development, invents the Facet, a milestone achievement enabling management-ready answers from the data cube. Out there, OKRs are on the rise in ChangeMaker, demonstrating a notable shift in performance management


A FIVE is born

ChangeMaker FIVE: Released. In addition to the new web application, our ecosystem now includes a mobile app, an Excel plugin, an MS Teams integration and other useful tools to increase speed and target achievement of management programs. Three new data science colleagues push our AI platform designed to extract best practices and further enhance ChangeMaker impact. As of autumn, energy savings programs become a notable program category in ChangeMaker

What our colleagues say


Business engineering, Head of Consulting

Working at Principia Mentis is an exhilarating journey that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Our team thrives on a culture of collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect, making it an ideal environment to learn, contribute, and excel.

Business informatics, Consultant

I love the diverse challenges, where I learn something new every time.

The team is always helpful and competent and supports me in every way. And the flextime is a great benefit.

Business informatics, Dual student

Most importantly, I like the high expectations placed on the quality of my work,

coupled with the provision of all the resources necessary to really achieve this quality.

Business informatics, Devops Engineer

I appreciate and enjoy the flat hierarchy at Principia Mentis.

The work environment is very friendly, and I have freedom to do tasks my way, which helps me learn and grow.

Oxford Philosopher, Special projects

I had been a freelancer for 12 years before joining Principia Mentis

and I wouldn't go back. The combination of intellectual challenge and extraordinary people just does it for me.

Data science. 
Dual student

Principia Mentis gives me the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge to highly relevant practical topics.

This has deepened and expanded my capabilities and gives me exciting challenges every day.

Business economics. Dual student

I felt welcome and appreciated from the beginning.

The friendly environment is incredibly open, and I felt comfortable right away.

Computer science. Head of development

I love working with our small but focused team in a friendly atmosphere.

The diverse technical challenges are thrilling me every day anew.

Business informatics. Devops Engineering

I fully stand behind our product ChangeMaker, as everyone works as one to provide a quality solution.

The company feels like a family, as everyone helps each other out if there are any issues.

Management and Technology. ESG consulting

I am thrilled to be a part of this company's enjoyable and family like culture,

where everyone is welcoming and supportive at any time, if you have a problem and need help with anything.

Computer scientist. Developer

I enjoy directly contributing to ChangeMaker with ideas and features.

I like the working environment with supportive colleagues and informal company culture.

Computer scientist. Developer

Exceptionally friendly work environment with the opportunity to dive into challenging tasks.

All that directly in the heart of Munich, between Eisbach and Isar.

Business economist. Consultant

What brought me here was the opportunity to structure our clients' core transformation processes

and innovate brand new, practical solutions with our development team. What keeps me here, year after year, is the exceptional willingness within our team to help each other without the usual “tit for tat”.

We are experienced. And we care.

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